4 comments on “A rant: Advertising fail from one of my favorite companies…

  1. Well I know I found CartoonSmart via an add on BrickFilms … And I’m awfully glad I did, CartoonSmart got me back into Flash and taught me how to really use it.

    I have no idea what I would be doing now if it weren’t for that add on BrickFilms.

  2. Great post! Yes, I cannot see how they can charge that amount. I think they must have meant 40,000 impressions or something which used to be a commonly used metric, but given the table they sent you, I can’t see how they could have meant that, but they must! Or else they are bad people.

    Also “guaranteed traffic” means they can pay a really junky pay for views website where zombies in china view web pages for a penny per view and get the guaranteed numbers. Not good.

    Google and SEO is the way to go. Get books one both of them and you will be ok.

  3. I might even look into doing some Facebook advertising. I checked out how there’s works, and its essentially like a version of Adwords from 10 years ago.

    And yeah, I reread that 1&1 ad a bunch of times to see if I was missing something like a couple extra 0′s for the amount of clicks you get.

  4. yeap… that’s a rip-off … google is mutch better…. you get good branding by haveing your name over there…. but you do get charged by the number of impresions…. I think it’s 1 $/ 1000 impressions

    and now you get a better cpc if you have a good quality rateing… it’s usualy calculated 90% by the nr impressions/click (CTR) and other stuff

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