8 comments on “And what does the Council of Cartoonists have to say…

  1. I sure do miss the undo function whenever I’m using real ink on paper.

    As for news cartoons, it’s always been like that. As soon as I learned about Michael I immediately (and involuntarily) thought up several of jokes which I then saw or heard hours later

  2. Ctrl Z! CTRL Z! Ha ha! Great pic, Justin.

    I think that it’s easy to become apathetic concerning talent, when it’s something that you presume will always be there. It just becomes the norm.

    I didn’t really care when i heard about MJ’s death. Now, after I’m hearing all the songs again, and being a musician myself, I’m really beginning to care.

    Infact, i’d say that i’m now very sad about it. I don’t mind admitting that. We were lucky enough to live in the time of a musical genius, and many like me, took that for granted. Listening to him reminds me of my youth, and his death somehow reminds me a little more that my youth is ever moving away. That just makes the sadness stronger.

    All those people making the jokes just crave attention. This. Is. Their. Moment.

  3. Shame on me: I made a cartoon too, yesterday.

    Question was: how should live continue after the dead of such a superstar:

    I think english speaking people could understand it too…
    But I’ ll try to translate my thoughts on the right:

    About collecting society

    Most radio-stations boycotted Jackson because of the reproaches of child-abuse. Most of his business-friends forgott him or didn’t want to know him during the last 10 years. But no sooner he died the great media show started with all the pretend mourning, where everyone was his “best” friend and every station loves his music…

    And most of the fans are crying for the picture of the good-old-time-Michael. The artist Jackson is already dead since a long time.

    And behind the scenery? I’ m sure the factories for CD-pressing are already overheating to produce enough stuff to be well equiped for the great run on Jacko-Media.
    How long we have to wait for “Jacko – The Musical” and other sensilbe collectiong-society-stuff?

    The “human” Jackson is dead, but the “product” will never die. Death is better than the best marketing-strategy.

  4. I don’t agree entirely, Juergen, although I know what you are saying.

    His shows over here in England sold out in seconds. It seems he still had a massive following. I don’t think he was past it.

    You’re right about the death thing and marketing thing, definatly.

    I think that people’s opinions about the molestation accusations are dangerous. I find any presumption dangerous if I don’t see it with my own eyes. More so when the media are involved.

    Especially when money is concerned. I’ve seen what money can do to people, and how it can change people. Especially when we are talking about such large amounts.

    Because of that, i think it’s cynical to presume he DID do anything. What we have in front of us, that we can see with our own eyes, is a great performer and musican who single handedly changed how music is performed. He was an innovator. This is the information we have, and we should celebrate that. Not something that “might” have happened.

  5. Hi Kris,

    I don’t no if I realy understand you in every way (because of my english-skills)

    In fact I don’t wanted to say the most fans are crying, of coures I mean the common puplic, who is mourning dutiful because there is such a huge media overkill now. I know and understand that “real” Fans of Jackson are mourning truely – no question.

    Other artists like Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison didn’t have the luck to get old as Jackson. They did bevor they burned out totaly and this founded their legendary status.
    If this had hapened to Jackson to, he would be a mythos like them. But because we saw his medial downgrade, we have finally just the picture of a broken, tragical artist.

    In my opinion he had his best time in the 80′s. But from the mid 90′s until now he didn’t have such an important influence for music as in the 80′s. And his strong media presence in the last years was unfortunately caused by other sad events like the child abuse reproaches. All these TV and Radio-Stations who donwthrow this star, celebrate him now as the biggest star ever. And this is so embarassing for them – but “the show must go on”! Who is interessted in the real person? Call me cynical, but Jackson is just a product for them, which helps to earn a lot of money.

  6. Yeah definitely at first I was like “whatever”, but thinking more about him, it is pretty tragic. The guy’s mind was probably broken 40 years ago, from stardom at such an early age. Kinda like Howard Hughes, too much, too early.

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