3 comments on “Silverlight, Sony, Flash, TV, iPlayer, & GPU acceleration to the nut!

  1. Sliverlight blows.
    I downloaded the plug-in on my Mac one day because I was forced to and it never worked correctly. After 5 min I uninstalled it.

    MS needs to stick with what they do best, Word and Excel.

  2. I don’t even know how to say this but I REALLY HATE MICROSOFT.

    The only way they will “conquer” is as usual by throwing a load sh.. of money all over the place… I don’t see why I could switch , I mean common flash is not just video, take a look at how many cool websites are made in flash and even cooler applications.

    I’ve not seen nothing impressive in silvercrap and I can’t imagine an artist(animator) working with something like that.

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