7 comments on “Oops forgot to mention this. Two new tutorials on Box2D and Cocos2D

  1. Love the angry birds idea ray wendelich has a tut on something like. I would love to see a side scroller Mario type game in this series and something that uses tiled.

  2. Anything in the works for non-iOS programmers?? I’m hungry for anything! Possibly more advanced html5/css3/jquery or any type of snazzy web related stuff (special effects? CMS? layouts? nifty/quirky browser based applications? it’s all good!). On that note, is Action script worth sticking with in your opinion or do you see Adobe dropping that along with flash player plugin and such. I just always get jealous seeing the fun iOS specific lessons when they come out.

  3. You should make the angry birds tutorial. His is not 100% I would love to do it from you. Also tiled is key. With or without side scroller

  4. Yeah I think I’ll take a stab at it. I did found the tutorial on Ray’s site. Skimmed it, but didn’t read too much because I think I already know all the ingredients in the “catapult” game recipe so I don’t want to be accused of lifting their code. Although I’ve already taught a lot of what will go into this, just haven’t made a game out of it.

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