2 comments on “Pac-it-up! The final lesson on Box2D is available for download…

  1. Got the new Angry Ninjas, now it looks great on the new iPad. I am seeing one issue though and I’m not sure why it’s happening, the coding looks fine.

    Say you throw a ninja it collides and doesn’t kill any fruit. Then after a couple seconds it rolls down the boards and ends up killing the fruit giving you the score you need to pass the level. The game doesn’t say Level Passed when this happens, instead you’re forced to throw another ninja just to get the game to continue and lose part of your bonus. I haven’t been able to get it to happen with the final ninja, but I’m wondering what would happen if you were out of ninjas completely and had nothing else to throw, would it say level failed?

  2. No matter what when all the ninjas are gone the code will refresh the level. Pass or not, I don’t know. I can’t think of any reason why it would say “failed” if the score was higher than needed to pass. Put it this way, It all depends on when the game counts the score. The way its coded now, the auto-pan shouldn’t go back to the slingshot until a couple seconds after a score has been counted. So the score gets added, waits, then pans back. Once it pans back to the sling shot, it should decide to run the code to check for passing the level or not. From what I remember =)

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