CartoonSmart Blog 2.0

Just wanted to announce that I’m switching the CartoonSmart Blog from the old Blogger version to this WordPress enabled one. I was using the old one mostly just for SEO, and I really didn’t expect students to follow that blog since most of them were already on the newsletter list anyway, and didn’t need a blogged version of new lesson announcements. I’ll still mention new lessons here (and if you look at the side column’s there’s no shortage of CartoonSmart links), but I want to make a fresh start here and create a blog with some daily content that is totally unrelated to CartoonSmart. So expect software news, art and animation topics, designer profiles, freelance tips, marketing tips, and more.  Basically stuff I’m interested in. 

So thats my plan. Hopefully I can update this site often enough and prove Al wrong….

“Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh”  – the wisdom of Al Swearengen


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