FlashBooty 2 Preview

So my buddy’s freelance company, FlashBooty.com (original version of the site), is still busy making a grand  relaunch, but he’s shared another preview image with me, and I’ll pass it along to any one that wants a looksie. This will be the main entrance to the site, and the animated version of the image below is really cool: spaceships are flying around in the background, the water is rippling, the neon sign is flickering.  And from what I’ve seen so far most of the site is scroll-around-able. So if you hover left or right, you’ll navigate around the scene. If you click the image below, you’ll see the whole landscape,  which you’d only see a portion of regularly. So it’ll be very immersive. Anyway, I’ll definitely make an announcement when Andy is ready for the world to see it for real… 

Still reading? Well if you are curious about the history of Flashbooty.com, that was the first domain name I ever registered, way back in 1998. I was working for The-Company-That-Cannot-Be-Named at the time and I do remember registering that site more vividly than I should for such a non-event in my life. Probably because at the time I thought registering a domain name was a really big deal, and the domain I picked would be my last. Cut to 10 years later, a few hundred domains names registered, and of all of the useless ones I hang onto, FlashBooty.com is not among them. But it is in good hands. When CartoonSmart took over my professional career, I turned over the site (and domain) to my friend Andy, who has run it better than I ever did. So it is exciting to see this new relaunch of the site, because prior incarnations have had my hand in them, whereas this launch will totally be Andy’s baby. And so far its looking amazing.


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