Mark Coleran: Interface Designer

I was doing some research into a future interface design course for CartoonSmart and stumbled upon  Mark Coleran is a visual designer for films and a lot of his portfolio features imaginary high-tech interfaces. Some of these are absurdly confusing by today’s standards for GUI, but the context for many of these pieces are the “not-so-distant future”, so as you watch actors interact at lightning speed with his  designs, its believable that people have evolved with the complexity of these interfaces. For a comparison today,  go sit for a few minutes at the foodcourt of any mall with an Apple store and you’ll see someone playing with their iPhone for the first time. It takes a few minutes from them to gel with sliding and two-fingering the touchscreen. 

Mark’s got an awesome showreel with his work in TONS of movies you’ve probably seen, but I’m going to steal a few of my favorite images from the reel to post up here.  


Mark Coleran Showreel

Mark Coleran Showreel

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