Three sites for freelance illustrators…


This website is worth a look, . I don’t know much about them other than tracking their site for a few days now, but I like the idea.  You can pay by the week or year to feature your portfolio on the site, and if you’re wondering why you might do that, its because they do some of the marketing for you. For example, I didn’t find their site by chance, I clicked on one of their ads. They also send out newsletters and contact Art Directors regularly. There’s a free two-week trial too. 

Also they have a cool sister site, , which is just a wall of thumbnail images for their currently subscribed illustrators. Great idea.



Most of you are probably already familiar with this site, but just in case you aren’t, check out . They are the Facebook of illustration portfolio sites (thats a complement not an insult). Seems like every artist I know has a portfolio there already, even some “serious arteeests” that I wouldn’t have thought had Deviant profiles. 

The site is free but they also have some paid upgrade features as well. There are A LOT of profiles on this site, which is great because that means there are a lot of users that can stumble onto your work too. And you’ll up your chances of being noticed by being a more active member of the site than someone who isn’t leaving comments for others. So you kind of need to be “in it, to win it”. Otherwise your profile is just sitting on the shelf on not being seen.

I love this site,, but its not really meant for getting hired as a freelance illustrator, instead for just selling your already-made work. Art first, pay later.  Like a true artist.  Personally I’ve bought 3 paintings and some prints off the site, which I never would have thought to do if someone hadn’t tipped me off to the site. 

Its only 20 cents to list an item for sale (not bad) and when someone buys something, they’ll pay you directly with Paypal, and then you’ll get charged by Etsy later for 3.5% of the sale price (also not bad) .  So the $200 painting I bought off Joe here only cost him a few bucks to make that happen.


This won’t be the only time on this blog that I harp on this issue. Start a blog. Trust me, its not lame anymore. The very word “blog” used to irk me, but now that I’m doing it, and following A LOT of blogs I realize the value. Just get into the habit of posting something as soon as you do it. If you aren’t into commenting on your own work, then don’t. But at least post it. I’ll write a proper article later on why I think this is important, but trust me for now. 



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