Very Slick Flash Intro

Here a flash intro actually worth watching. Its short, fast paced, has good music, and makes their hotel feel like a trendy place to stay. Hits all the marks. Check it out at 


2 thoughts on “Very Slick Flash Intro

  1. I HATE it when sites resize my browser window! It seriously pisses me off!

    Yeah, it’s a nice intro, but it has annoying, repetitive noise that can’t be turned off as far as I can tell. It takes at least 2 clicks just to get to the home page. And it resizes my browser even though I expressly told it not to by checking “this window” instead of “fullscreen”.

    TERRIBLE design, really bad website, even though it has a cool intro. I won’t be returning.

  2. b1tzmast3r says:

    That’s what you need to do Justin…create a tutorial showing us how to create a stylized animation using a bunch of squiggly lines and pointless shapes like they used right before your first screenshot. It was sooo cool ~ yet so simply constructed!

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