Tons of Animation Enhancements in Flash CS4…

Adobe whole site is CS4 crazy now, but if you want to check out one of the new features in Flash that I’m most excited about, here’s a direct link…. Flash CS4 features.  And once glance of that page, tells me I’ll be making many more new character animation tutorials for CartoonSmart. Inverse Kinematics changes everything. Finally some real bone-based animation in Flash. And 3D transformations with a real Z-Axis!!

If you want to watch some of the coolness demonstrated at their launch event earlier today, skip to about 5:40 in this video… 


4 thoughts on “Tons of Animation Enhancements in Flash CS4…

  1. howephunny says:

    Glad to hear you are going to be doing more character animation vids.

    Lately, it seems like you forgot the “Cartoon” part of the CartoonSmart world.

    I’m still waiting for that vid on creating a web comic strip with Flash. Not so much the drawing aspects, but the content management and organizational practices you use for the Mows.

  2. Justin says:

    I agree. And this latest version of Flash will change that. With FlashCS3 the biggest change was Actionscript 3, which meant I had to basically take all the Actionscript 2 lessons, recode them, reteach them, etc. But I’m finally feeling now like that has happened. And thats good timing with Flash CS4 out.

    And as you can see from that video, this next version’s biggest change will be in the animation parts, so the next few months of lessons will focus on that.

    And by the way, here’s a free video you should check out…

  3. flashartist says:

    I can’t wait for flash cs4!
    I have tried it at Flash on the beach last week and for this upgrade the Adobe people got us Flash artists some real cool new functions.

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