Another Interface Design Tutorial Preview Pic

I swear I’m gonna finish this lesson TODAY! Its not that I’ve been putting it off, I just keep adding to it. So it looks like I’ll just add the word “Mega” to the title of the course, and people can expect oodles of teaching. I think it is possible to overteach, but in this case, there’s just so many aspects to designing an interface, that to make this lesson a “shorty” just wouldn’t do it justice. 

Anyway, here’s one more preview pic, (click to embiggen) 


2 thoughts on “Another Interface Design Tutorial Preview Pic

  1. Justin says:

    I first heard the word “embiggen” in the Simpsons. I think it was Lisa’s teacher or Ms. Crabapple that said she’d never heard it before moving to Springfield, implying the whole town was mistakenly using it as a real word….That’ll be a dated joke though, because in 20 years it’ll probably be in the dictionary. They add new words every year.

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