Background Artist…Garnet Syberg-Olsen

First off how do I go about getting “Cyborg” hyphenated in part of my name. Oh wait, thats Syberg. So close.

Garnet’s blog has a plethora of background art from various projects. What I found most interesting is that these are clearly done in a vector-based drawing program ( probably Illustrator, but possibly Flash). And you’ll see if you click on any of the full size images he’s posted, that there’s some definite vector action going on. In most cartoons the backgrounds are the one thing that lack that super precise line detail. They’ll be painted or psuedo-painted in Photoshop to look a bit looser, or almost blurry, so there’s more depth between the foreground characters and the backdrop.

I also like how Garnet creates a super-flat effect, where the 2D is almost 1D. He doesn’t do it all the time, but check out the log cabin interior below. Notice how the chair is drawn slightly in front of the wall but also feels like its pancaked against the wall too. There’s an absence of depth in the chair, so it seems like it falls back even further. All the objects in the room being on the same ground plane is adding to that illusion as well. 


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