We don’t have to think in pixels anymore….

So I just spent the last few days working on an affiliate program for CartoonSmart, which meant I needed the one thing that every e-product seller has for their affiliate programs: FAKE BOX ART of course!  What instills an urgency to buy a download-able product more than seeing a box you’ll never get?!

As you can see from the column to the right, I ended up really liking the boxes I created (hence I posted ALL of them here) And while making them,  I was reminded of a time when one knew very little about the product they were going to buy other than what they saw on the box. And yet it was common knowledge the box art was pure fantasy, and only that, because what was inside that box was reliably nothing like the outside… If you were born in the 70’s, and have memories of the 80’s, you know I’m talking about early video game shopping.  Talk about uninformed buyers, I have memories of going to buy video games with my dad, and we might as well have been picking games blindfolded if we did it based on what we thought the gameplay would be like… so we had the box art to go on. And the cooler the illustration, the greater the chance of it being bought. 

So, is it any wonder why my generation is now creating tons of art based on old video games. Most of it dedicated to Mario Bros, one of the few games with honest box art (it was just an enlarged pixellated version of the main character!).  Are we subconsciously trying to rewrite history and give Mario the box art he deserved… I wonder. 

Anyway, I’m done thinking about boxes!  But here’s some art from Steve Lambey (who I will profile more of in a few days)  and then some images from a collection of video game art called I Am 8-Bit


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