Artist Profile: Steve Lambey

I mentioned Steve briefly yesterday. Here’s his main site And he also posts a ton of work on his blog from his “day job” and a lot of personal pieces as well.  Awesomely, he includes pencil sketches and the polished pieces which are ton in Flash of all programs (example below). Steve also writes a bit of background on his work and why his job needed whatever it was he drew. And for those up-n-coming illustrators who haven’t yet landed an industry job, I think its encouraging to read about what real jobs are like, so keep at it Steve!  You may never realize it fully, but you’re inspiring someone. 

Oh and don’t miss on his main site, this nicely stylized animation of Dr. Evil


One thought on “Artist Profile: Steve Lambey

  1. tylorfamous says:

    I absolutely love this Wizard of Oz illustrations. They are amazing. He has even more on site site that are awesome.

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