Free Video Tutorial on CS4 Motion Tweening vs “Classic” Tweening

Alright, I feel like I’ve explored the new CS4 way of motion tweening enough to teach a quick lesson on it. Click here or the image above to download a zip file with a 25 minute movie on the differences between “classic tweening” (which is any tween done in Flash CS3 or a lower Flash version) and this newer, much better way of doing things. 

The video lesson talks about motion paths, motion presents, the motion editor, transforming along the z-axis and rotation, along with plenty of things old Flash users will need to hear about to get used to this new method. I definitely didn’t teach anything that wasn’t easily found in the CS4 help docs, but for those of you that like listening to me for 25 minutes vs. reading for that long, then as always, this lesson’s for you! 

Download away!


3 thoughts on “Free Video Tutorial on CS4 Motion Tweening vs “Classic” Tweening

  1. theanimator2009 says:

    Awesome Justin, I’ll check it out now. WOW that was fast, I cant wait for the 1st new lesson for CS4. The bones thing is pretty confusing for me right now but then again I just purchased it about 8 hours ago. Maybe you can do a quick bones tutorial next=)

    ~The Animator (London Lyric)=)

  2. wake7 says:

    Recently discovered your site Justin, very impressed by your lessons. Still waiting on my CS4 to arrive in the mail from Adobe. Thanks for this free lesson!


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