Another free Flash CS4 Tutorial!

So here’s another FREE Flash CS4 lesson for ya. Click here or the image above to download a zip file with the tutorial movie and an .fla file. And if you want to check out the published swf from the lesson go here ( you’ll need Flash player 10 installed, so if the shape doesn’t look like a 3d object spinning around, then you’re viewing it with Flash Player 9).

The lesson teaches how to best put together those 3D spinning shapes, as well as some general info on what it means now to have 3D properties for symbols, vanishing points, perspective angles, the Motion Editor, and more. The video is about 30 minutes.


9 thoughts on “Another free Flash CS4 Tutorial!

  1. Thanks for the free tuts! Although basic it’s great to see CS4 in action!! I probably won’t be getting it for a while (definitely not before the free trials are released, gotta make sure it’s worth it…)

    What I”m really interested in are how the bones work. Any chance of a free tutorial on Bones?

    I can see the Bones and IK that CS4 has changing the way Flash animators animate!

  2. saki3d says:

    cartoon smart has realy great tuts, i would like to see ninja animation remaked with cs4 with ik and bone’s hope there is an new tutorial!

  3. Justin says:

    Sadly, if I revisited that lesson in CS4 there’s no way I’d redo it with IK. Bones is good for cranes or tanks, but not for real character animation.

  4. saki3d says:

    oh, i think cs4 is esier for character animation with bones 😦
    i really wanna make flash character animations but i do not know how to make character animation in flash or any other program 😦
    thank you for your reply 😉

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