Adam has a name problem…

Here’s a great case for why you should blog… After some friendly nudging, I got my friend Adam to finally start blogging. Adam is a painter, and unfortunate enough to have the name “Adam Smith”.  Which is probably a frontrunner for one of the most common first and last name combinations among non-Asians, so googling “Adam Smith” brings up a lot of famous and not-so-famous people ranked before him.  We toyed with trying to raise his ranking with “Adam J. Smith” and general art terms like “painter, artist, art” , but there’s already an Adam J Smith artist that had some decent art-related rankings. And then a plethora of other Smith artist. 

About 2 weeks ago he finally signed up here on WordPress, and has been killing it with Google since then. I doubt we’ll ever get him a top ten spot for just “Adam Smith” but at the time I’m writing this “Adam Smith painter” ranks his main website, , as the #1 spot, #2 is his myspace profile, and #3 links to his WordPress blog

Now obviously just having a blog doesn’t do much rank-wise unless there’s some relevancy to what you’re writing about and there’s a consistent flow of articles on that topic. So he’s been writing about as frequently as he finishes a new piece which is usually every other day. And he’s added some commentary-type articles about painting.  What surprised me is how quick Google picked up on his blog, and his name being relevant to painting.

Now he just needs to keep at it. And on that topic, some of you might know, the WordPress version of my blog is pretty new too so I can’t say I’m a regular blogger yet,  but I’m having an easier time than I thought I would as keeping to it. Part of that has to do with being enthusiastic about blogging now, but also I really like WordPress’s setup for writing. 

Anyway, since I’ve mentioned Adam a ton of times, I should post one of his paintings. Enjoy… 


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