Artist Profile: Cristian Turdera

There’s something about Cristian’s work that leaves me wanting more. But in a good way. I want to be shrunken down and exist in these tiny happy worlds. And I’d love to see them moving around me. There’s always some element in what he (possibly she) draws that craves being animated. Give yourself 10 seconds to scan over the pics of Cristian’s that are posted below and see if you can spot 20 things that could possibly be moving. Not hard right?

I also think Cristian is doing something smart by posting these images smaller than larger. Normally I wouldn’t recommend that, but the microcosm nature of these pieces works well at a smaller image size. There’s a few exceptions where I’d love to see the image bigger, but overall I think it was a good choice. 

Anyway, kudos! Click here to check out Cristian’s site and many more tiny worlds. 

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