I thought my poster buying days were over…

…guess not. I just bought a poster from eBoy.com. I don’t know a lot about the artists at eBoy, but its pretty clear they love pixel art. Heck, who doesn’t. Their entire site is worth checking out, but if you want to skip to their massive pixel posters, go here… I bought the London one, which I’ll post a section of below, and if you click on it, you’ll see the entire piece. 

Also here’s the eBoy version of New York, again click to embiggen and see more…

Also to anyone that wants to comment below, I’d love some more links to artists that are well known for pixel art or isometric art like this.  Habbo.com is another site that has a ton of art like this, but they took it beyond just illustrations. You can sign up as a little avatar and walk around and chat and little environments like this.  The video on their front page describes it better than I can. FYI:  It’s a site for tweens, so don’t try to pick up any of the sexy pixel chics. You’ll end up in Habbo Jail and not be allowed out on Halloween.


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