Artist Profile:Pascal Campion

San Francisco must have some tractor beam that attracts all the best illustrators. What is going on out there?! Maybe I need to visit. So anyway, Pascal has a staggering amount of illustrations on his blog. Since 2006 he’s been posting about every other day, usually with a polished illustration or sketch, and get this… many of them seem to be drawn for…(drumroll)… no reason at all. I know, unbelievable. Which may account for the “slice of life” feel to many of his pics.  From what I can tell reading his posts, he uses Photoshop, not Illustrator, which is interesting because his swooping lines feel Illustrator-ish to me. Something to note for budding illustrators, Pascal’s color pallets are amazing in each piece. This top piece in particular, he’s using shades of pea green which are tough colors to make work, and yet it still looks great. Kudos.

Click here or the image below to jump to his blog. 


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