Adobe Illustrator Tutorial on Designing Animals!

The masterful Mike Macnerland is back teaching another Adobe Illustrator tutorial for us. This time on animal character design, with more focus on the sketching stage. I loved Mike’s last Illustrator lesson, but my favorite part was just watching him draw. So for this second lesson I asked him to spend more time sharing his unique tips at that stage of the process. Its fun to watch Mike tackle a character because he’ll draw the same line many times getting the curve just perfect. So you’ll watch this thinking “Oh that line is perfect, he nailed it” but then he’ll undo it, and try again. And the next time you’ll think “Ohhh, even better”. Then its gone again. 

Anyway, here’s some pics from the current lesson (click below to jump to the lesson page)…

And of course Mike has a blog and website, so check those out as well. Here’s some cool recent pics of his…


4 thoughts on “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial on Designing Animals!

  1. banjobilly says:

    Yeah, this was a real interesting Illustrator tutorial. Easy to see all the drawing methods. It was well worth it the tiny priced asked for this tutorial.

    But what I don’t understand is why you folks didn’t demonstrate how to move an Illustrator drawing into Flash for animation. Is that something that is good to do with Illustrator? Or should all drawings be done only in Flash if we want to animate them?

  2. Justin says:

    Flash could import the Illustrator file right in. You’ll get a few different options for how you want to break up the vector art when it imports (with mostly the same results). So that’s easy anyway, but continuing the lesson into the Flash arena wasn’t even considered. This is just a straight illustration lesson for Adobe Illustrator.

    Personally though, if I know I’m going to need to animate something, I like to draw it straight in Flash, and that way I can start figuring out how I want things to move (and converted to symbols) as I draw them. But if you aren’t planning to animate, then Illustrator has plenty of features that Flash doesn’t for drawing, so I think its good to learn both.

  3. soso says:

    that’s good but i love to draw in flash has function that you can play with the shape not with handle confuse me and i don’t know any program do that may be inkscape but man flash has most simplest way to deal with but i have major problem i need to print my drawing on flash when i export to ai it’s blow away i know the issue about cmyk and RGB but do any one have solution for this problem why couldn’t export flash to ai .

    thank you and keep it up

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