Sticker Robot’s Ultimate Obama Collection…

Well today is obviously election today. As I write this its actually 3 days prior because I know I’ll be nowhere near a computer today and the last thing on my mind will be blogging or even voting. My wife is giving birth on election day, (don’t worry I’ve already voted, Georgia early voting began about 4 weeks ago!) But I wanted to write something election-related AND art-related, and StickerBot’s collection of Obama’s stickers will fit the bill.  Although some of the stickers are just so-so, for the most part these are really cool and done by some well-known artists…. By the way, I’ve been using for a few years now for printing stickers. They are amazing quality! If any of you want free CartoonSmart stickers, just email me (actually it’ll cost you two stamps)

And in the interest of being fair and balanced, lets post up some McCain art.  

I found this on a Google image search, so I can’t properly credit the artist, but if anyone knows who made it, please comment below. It is obviously meant to be a play off the Obama Shepard Fairey poster but it’s a good alternate version for McCain. Although I think the artist should have gone with the same red, white and blue color scheme as Shepard’s. The blue and yellow are keeping with the McCain campaign’s color theme though, so he or she was probably following in line with them.  It is an odd choice for his campaign to not use red. Especially since their party’s color is red.  Well if anyone remembers the movie Election, you might also remember this line from Tracy Flick’s mom after she loses the election…

Maybe you needed more posters, honey. Or if you’d taken my suggestions about your speech. I don’t know…. We’ll figure it out.

Hold on, I can’t let this opportunity pass me by… if there is anyone out there that hasn’t seen Election, here’s a taste…

3 thoughts on “Sticker Robot’s Ultimate Obama Collection…

  1. ALICE says:

    Very nice stickers. How can I get some to add to my Pres. Obama collection? I like the colors, all the varieties of facial expressions. I give a shout out of Prayers for the new President and all of God’s children.

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