FlashMagazine.com has a new look…

Ever wonder where I go for Flash news? Here’s one site, and they have a new look. Previously they had a pea green primary color and now they’re rockin’ the “Fl red” theme. Great color upgrade. And if you want to see a retrospective of their past designs, here’s a look back. They make a good point about monitors generally being wider now, so its about time websites stretch out too. On CartoonSmart.com I’ve been centering 800 pixel wide .swf files for most of my pages. Recently though I’ve started to go beyond that for the header. And if you’re curious, that same Flash header (the main logo and top menu links)  is loaded into every page. So it gets cached from page to page, and if I need to make a change to the header, I just upload that one .swf again and it updates for all the pages on the site. Just one of the nice benefits of dynamically loading .swf files.


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