Marketing Ideas! Business Card Posters / Tourist Guide Maps

Brian Zaikowski, the artist behind Demented,  has some very cool marketing techniques that are worth sharing here. He creates Business Card Posters and Cartoon Tourist Guide Maps (click for zoom-able versions). Here’s how it works… Brian will find local businesses that want to be included in the design and are willing to give away the poster in their stores. And unlike most lame brochures that shops give away,  the full color printing and poster size catches the eye and makes people feel like “hey, is this really free?”. And kids will definitely feel like this a treasure worth grabbing.  The shops that get included in the design, pay a small “art” fee to Brian and the cost of printing the posters gets divided up among the shops. Brian says he usually starts by printing 5000, so each shop might give out 500.  That sounds like a lot, but if you check the prices on a site like it’s not expensive ( btw I’ve used them before for printing ). 

So lets think about the benefits here for the shops…

  • Each shop in the design gets some advertising from the other shops around town distributing the posters.
  • They also get bonus points from customers, like moms with happy kids that got free swag from their store. And maybe even some return business from a customer that wants a second poster, or some word of mouth for giving away something cool. 
  • And obviously their business card or ad gets posted up at a customers home. Great for restaurants that do to-go orders. 

Now what does Brian get for all his hard work…

  • There’s the art fee for including the shop in the poster. This might not be much, maybe $250-500, but multiplied by 10 shops per poster, that adds up.
  • Brian is of course advertising himself ALL over the poster. His art gets seen by thousands of local residents. And although I don’t think artists necessarily need to hit up their hometowns for the bulk of their freelance jobs, it certainly doesn’t hurt to make a name for one’s self in their own zip code.

So think about trying this on your own. Brian suggest anyone doing this should make sure the shops in the poster are whole-heartedly onboard for distributing them. Especially good are stores that already have a brochure area in the entrance or exit. And remember, most small shops don’t have huge advertising budgets, so keep the cost of printing low and any art fees reasonable, and you should have no problem getting people oboard.

Finally, Brian just switched over to using a new email subscription service for his web comic, which means everyone on the old list needs to sign back up ( a painful sacrifice, I know ), so I’d love to get him some brand new subscribers. He creates a new comic every couple weeks, so you can expect to get an email about as frequently. Here’s his sign up page. You’ll get some good karma if you sign up. As an unpaid webcomic artist its nice to know you at least have an audience.


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