3 thoughts on “Cool Flash Site!

  1. Hey..’ if m not wrong..’ You probably would hav been really wonder-struck at such xtensive 3d use in flash..’ (seein it in use for the first time..’) Gosh..’ hey bro..’ U gotta ceize the trickz out..’ n teach me..’ I xpect this from my dear teacher..’ really..’ 🙂 This iz i meann (SOO KEWLLLL)!!

  2. theanimator2009 says:

    Very nice website but after seeing the new FlashBooty.com site design…WOW it blew me away, that site is amazing now, it makes my site look ghetto LOL.

    ~The Animator=)

  3. Hey this site is super cool are they using that 3D PAPERVISION ACTIONSCRIPT CLASS THINGY MI JIG.

    i WISH mine could look like that the mouse interaction is amasing. I have recently been messing with panoramas I guess this works on the same principles

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