FlashBooty 2.0 Has Launched!

My good friend Andy has finally launched the new  FlashBooty.com . The site is now an immersive navigatable environment. When you jump to the site, be sure to explore the main areas, the First Floor,  Main Office, Garage, Light House, and Autidorium. Each area features a different section of their portfolio.


And for anyone not already familiar with Andy’s site, he manages an excellent crew of Flash developers that do entire websites, banners, games, lengthy animated commercials, and pretty much anything else you can think of thats Flash or web related. He’s landed some pretty big clients in the past few years, P&G, LEGO, Nike, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t approachable. If you have a project, definitely email them for a quote.

Also check back with the site regularly, as FlashBooty 2.0 might update to 2.1 in the coming weeks with more rooms and hidden features.


One thought on “FlashBooty 2.0 Has Launched!

  1. theanimator2009 says:

    Yup, there it is. All I can say is WOW, I have never seen a site like this. Hey JD, you have to teach a design lesson on how to do something like this, also the way things sway from side to side is awesome. This site is brilliant, I love it=)

    ~The Animator=)

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