Toon Boom: Animate!

Okay, since my generally positive Flash CS4 review I’ve gotten some interesting email feedback. Mostly questioning whether I’m secretly paid by Adobe to encourage people to upgrade.  Well, all I can say to that is…I WISH!  But I do understand some of the frustration from an animator’s standpoint with this new launch. The good news is that Flash isn’t the only animation software out there, and maybe its time to widen the tool chest a bit. 

So I downloaded Toon Boom’s new Animate program tonight and will start playing with it over the next few weeks (they have a free trial by the way). I’ve always heard great things about Toon Boom’s software, and Animate is their newest release. Also I signed up for their newsletter list and I see they’ve got some launch parties in New York, LA, and Toronto coming up. Launch parties are fun if you’ve never been to one (ahem, free drinks) 

Click the image below for more details on Animate…


3 thoughts on “Toon Boom: Animate!

  1. theanimator2009 says:

    Very interesting software. I heard of ToonBoom before but was so use to adobe I paid no attention until your post. This looks very interesting and the price is great too. Now I am wishing I would have got this instead of CS4. Let us know how you like it Justin=)

    ~The Animator=)

  2. WoW. I tried out Toon Boom Studio the day after I bought Flash CS4 but didn’t really like the UI and work flow. Animate, on the other hand, seems to work a lot like flash (including keyboard shortcuts). From the little I have seen, it seems to have a lot of the features that are missing in Flash for animators. I have watched about 20 tutorial videos and hope to play around with it next week. The import swf feature seems to be disabled in the trial version (correct me if I’m wrong). I wish I could see how well it works before buying it. I would love to just import all of my library symbols from Flash and get to work. Animate may just be the first real competition with Flash as an animation tool.

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