Website Demo Reel and Developed by Credit

I found this web design company Acro Media from a link at the bottom of which they developed. I’m not sure exactly what to call that link, so for lack of a better term I’ll call it a developed by credit. This is an incredibly smart thing to include in any website you might develop, and not a lot to ask of a client. Maybe 100 pixels by 10, at the footer. And if your site looks good, it looks good for the company that hired you because maybe it shows they ponied up some real money to get their site developed. 

And not to overlook this part, follow the viral value of this tiny link…  I only stumbled onto Acro Media because Element Four makes this awesome product that uses electricity to pull fresh water out of the air, up to 12 liters per day. Cool right. Others think so because they’ve having been Digg-ing the site, and after enough Digg’s it got featured on their front page which then gave it exposure to millions of people (Digg is a top 300 website) .  Of course Acro didn’t benefit from all that traffic, but it obviously got some of it. And is getting more, because here I am praising them.

So thats one thing Acro did right. Here’s another, I really like their demo reel. Normally when I think of a demo reel I think of clips of animation or commercial spots that the company may have worked on. I don’t think of website front pages in a demo reel. But thats what Acro put together and its a good move. As standalone images or thumbnails linking to these various sites this section of their site wouldn’t have been as strong. Plus the sites that go flashing by aren’t all big name sites and even the ones that are well known aren’t really great ones to have your prospective clients jumping off to. For example, one their clients is the US Postal Service. Would you really want to link off to that monstrosity of a site?  Its a distraction. A possible client starts thinking about what they have to ship this holiday season. Then they start thinking about holiday expenses, and if they can even afford to hire a web design company, and boom, they’re gone.  

Anyway, check out their reel, and consider doing something similar…


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