Concept Art Trailer

I spent Thanksgiving at my parent’s house, the same house I grew up in, and after only a couple days the transformation back to being the super lazy, chocolate chip cookie-craving, video game addicted 13 year-old version of myself is complete.  So after getting bored with my Dad’s meager collection of PS3 games (he bought it mostly for the BluRay) I started exploring the PS3 online store. Which is actually very cool, and has a well-done poppy user interface. Among all the game demos and pay-add-ons, that have some game trailers and one of which really stuck out. It’s the Prince of Persia Art Trailer.  Its interesting because ANY one of my students with some illustration talent could have put together this same trailer. Its made up of a few concept art pieces which have been separated into background / foreground layers to move, fade, blur, etc. And there’s a few AfterEffects filters thrown in to spice up the art a bit. With the voiceover and music, its a decent little trailer. And obviously Ubisoft thought it was good enough to promote what will probably end up being a best selling game. So anyway, check out the “art” trailer for yourself, and consider trying something similar with your own art. Definitely makes for a stronger portfolio piece vs. thumbnail images (similar to the website demo reel in my last post) 


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