7 thoughts on “I’m a Mac, you’re probably a PC poll…

  1. tylorfamous says:

    I am a recently converted Mac user. I don’t think I am ever going back to PC. I love my macbook too much =]

  2. I used to use a PC, but changed over to MAC back in April 2008. Never looked back since and would highly recommend anyone to change. Much more reliable. 🙂

  3. Mac for life… Or at least until someone else comes out with something better, but right now there’s really no comparison between Leopard and Vista and very low likelihood that Microsoft’s ever going to shape up. Leopard is superior in every way except one (software compatibility) and all the software I need runs on Mac just dandy.

  4. dougnicola says:

    Was a PC guy for so many years, then… the iPhone and iPhone app development completely changed my life. I now consider myself a recovering PC guy. Still use the PC for tons of things, but my goodness those Mac-heads were right all along. I use a MacBook Pro 17″ for iPhone development. So sweet. Also, everyone I’ve dealt with from Apple (tons of different people) has just been just amazing. Oh yeah, Justin is also amazing. 🙂 I voted Mac.

  5. Levi Fiction says:

    This is the first post I’ve thought I could reply to.

    So many Mac enthusiasts posting.


    Oh well, I’m glad people found what they liked. I’m not a proponent of Mac vs Windows. It’s a ridiculous argument that gets no one anywhere.

    Though I do tease the Mac users here, it’s so entertaining as they get all red and puffy in the face as I taunt. I should feel ashamed, but I don’t.

    Anyway I’m a Windows user. Mainly because the software I use isn’t available on Linux (and Linux is alright but I don’t see a need to switch over full time) and I’ve never run a Mac without crashing it.

    (Yes I’ve tried the newest ones. Mac is still a computer system made by people, reliable on a higher scale only goes so far. Sooner or later it will produce faulty bad products. Sorry guys, but that’s life)

    And I’ve never had a problem with Vista. Most Vista “problems” are actually people running into program errors and blaming it on Vista. Not all, but most.

    Best wishes to all. Glad you all enjoy your systems.

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