Those new lessons are finally ready!

And only 2 days late… so basically business-as-usual for me. And for my loyal group of blog readers, I’ll save you the time of checking your email for the newsletter. You can jump right here to get to the newsletter offerings. Keep in mind, if you read this 2 months from now, that page won’t exist.

Also if you want some direct links to the un-discounted pages for these new tutorials, check them out here… 

Flash Actionscript 3 Tank Game Tutorial. The first level is easy, just capture the flag. The 2nd and 3rd levels start chucking missiles at you, so watch out. Tutorial-wise, I think, this is a basic gaming course. Nothing to me stands out as outstandingly difficult, so if you’re just getting into coding in Actionscript 3, give this a try. There’s some fundamental code that you’ll find in probably every game you make in Flash. Yours truly makes a 20 minute “art direction” cameo in the end (the bulk of it was taught by a guest instructor). 

Adobe After Effects 3D Street Project Tutorial.  This tutorial was a real eye-opener for me ( again, I didn’t teach this since I’m still learning After Effects). And although CartoonSmart released the Arrivals Board lesson first, I viewed this tutorial before that one. So finding out about the 3D usage in AE and cameras were a real surprise (yeah I didn’t know about that stuff! ). But 12 years ago, I was playing around with those things in college when I was taking 3D classes so this was fun turf to get back on and play with. Also too for those of you that now have Flash CS4, you can see some major differences between the 3D there and in After Effects.

And finally…Have I gotten totally lazy? Possibly. But let me explain all the recent guest instructors at CartoonSmart.

First, I’ll never sell a lesson that I don’t feel professionally comfortable with to teach. Like Photoshop, I’ll admit I’m not an expert in. Although I’ve probably spent 500 to 1000 hours tinkering in the program, its usually doing the same weak sh*t over and over again, and in all these years I haven’t done much professionally with it.  So I hired someone else for that. And thats the case with a lot of other programs. Now timing wise, some of you might remember many months ago I was looking for instructors. Well I hired a lot, and those lessons are finally all coming in. So I need to step aside and get these sold. 

What I’d like to try in the meantime is doing some free, more off-the-cuff, lessons with ToonBoom Animate , and link those up here on the blog. ToonBoom Animate is a new program I’ll be learning, so if my usual Flash crowd want to join me on this ride, they have a free trial version.


4 thoughts on “Those new lessons are finally ready!

  1. You know what I’d really, REALLY like to see some CS lessons about? JQuery. Javascript, if you must, but JQuery seems to be getting a lot of attention and from what’s available I’m making zero headway trying to learn it.

    Anyway, just a thought. Keep up the good work.

  2. hello, I hope you’re well, I have a question Do you no longer going to do tutorials? made by you? Justin, you are my teacher, no other one… the tank game tut i think was made by you, but no. U_U

  3. Justin says:

    You’ll like both new instructors this month. Manuel, from France, teaches the AE lesson and is very funny. And David, the tank game instructor teaches exactly like me. Scarily similar. When watching the lesson I found myself almost mouthing along.

  4. nileppez says:

    I agree with you, about not putting out lame tutorials in photoshop, as It’s covered elseware plus they would have to be pretty good, to sit beside your Flash lessons.

    Ever thought about doing a pod cast for flash a kind of Zero to hero maybe 5mins a week, and also using it to help widen the CartoonSmart name. maybe even dabbling in other programs.

    BTW enjoying the new instructors.

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