Sticker Graffiti & Sticker Legiti emailed me and inspired this post so lets give them some credit:  they’ve got a very sweet deal for December. One of those, buy x amount, get x /2 amount for free. ( so buy 10,000 stickers get 5,000 free).  But those are  “legit” quality, vinyl stickers. If you don’t mind stenciling your stickers with a USPS label on them, then boom, you’re a sticker graffiti artist!… Click the pic above to jump to this guy’s Flickr collection of sticker graffiti he shot around Seattle. Some of these are really creative. Plus I love the idea of someone using hundreds of USPS labels not as intended

Here’s a few more sticker art / sticker graffiti sites ( comment with some more please) ….



StickerTrader  (watch their video below, its very cool) 

Finally check out this book on Amazon, Sticker City , I bought this  a while back when I was thinking of teaching a tutorial on sticker design. Then I realized, this was too broad of a topic to boil down to a couple hours of teaching.


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