Tutorials on the horizon…

So for lack of some great random art find on the internet this morning, I’ll just update everyone on some lessons coming down the pipeline. 

First, some awesome iPhone App lessons! I’m still watching these myself, but that means they are in-hand and almost ready to roll out. And in case you don’t already know the iPhone development kit is free (you just have to develop on an Apple). So the software to make apps won’t cost you a thing. Now if you want to sell / publish to the App store that costs a one time fee of $100. Not per app, don’t worry.  And of course consider  the $$$ you can make by selling apps. Actually let someone else consider it for you… Estimates on iPhone sales.  And unlike most CartoonSmart tutorials, where you’ll learn something to either spice up your website or spice up some clients, this lesson could help you create an actual product you sell. 

 Also complete and in the review stage, this block dropping Flash game might look familiar . This will be an Actionscript 3 gaming tutorial from the same great instructor that taught the basic tank game tutorial release a few days ago.

And the next After Effects lesson will have to do with this effect of breaking apart a still image and making it look 3D. So layering it, and moving elements separately. Plus we’ll throw some snow in there (or other particles) to really make it come alive.  One possible freelance use for this lesson would be doing this to wedding photos. I saw a photographers website where he advertised this service, and it wasn’t cheap. 

Finally, I spent a while this last weekend learning more of Toon Boom Animate. I mentioned earlier that I’d be doing some free “while I learn it myself” lessons linked up on the blog here for Animate, and someone at the company must have been paying attention because you’ll notice CartoonSmart.com now has some footer banners for Toon Boom. By the way, they are the first company I’ve ever let advertise on the site. I’ve proudly rejected every past advertiser because I didn’t feel they were worth recommending (proudly meaning,  I just didn’t reply to their email)… Anyway after getting my hands dirty with the software this weekend, I can definitely say they have thought about what Flash animators have been doing previously, and how to improve on that. And crossing over from Flash to Animate isn’t difficult (both programs have symbols, a Library, the timeline is similar, etc).

So again, look for some free lessons from me soon, and in the meantime, download their Learning Edition version of the program. Its free, and there’s no expiration on the trial period. The learning edition just has some watermarking on the published files, so you’ll want to pay for it before you submit your piece to the Oscars for best animated short. 


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