Some Awesome Business Cards!

Most of these cards are amazing. Click here or the pic below to see 40 of them.  The non-paper ones or crazy die-cuts are probably unrealistic for a lowly web designer on a budget, but some of these could inspire you to try something different with your cards. 

But if not…  just last week I was talking with a friend of mine about whether or not he should print cards for his web development business. I think its worth doing, but most likely he’ll probably hand out less than 100 of them ever. So consider quality-over-quantity. And I’m 99% sure this company is the same printer another buddy of mine used a while back to print his cards. One side of each card was a different slice of an image from his Flickr account, the other side was the usual name, email, website, etc.  And these were great quality cards he had. I was tempted to get more cards I’ll never give out. 


2 thoughts on “Some Awesome Business Cards!

  1. Justin says:

    I haven’t really needed one in years, so I don’t have any. But for some reason I have two design reference books all about business cards. Go figure =)

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