First Totally Free ToonBoom Animate tutorial…

So even though I’m still learning Toon Boom Animate, I’m going to post a quick demo on using the Brush tool. And although the brush tool in most drawing programs is pretty self-explanatory, Animate has an incredibly well done vector brush tool. And if you’re using a Wacom tablet, you can make use of the pressure sensitivity features to really finesse your line.  And as you can see from the screengrab below, I didn’t create any works of art, but if you watch the video you can listen to me gawk at the fantastic-ness of having a smooth brush tool for vector illustration…

Toon Boom Animate: Brush tool demo movie: Click here to watch in your browser, or Click here for a zipped version of the movie.


12 thoughts on “First Totally Free ToonBoom Animate tutorial…

  1. banjobilly says:

    Your Toon Boom Animate tutorial was excellent, as is usual with everything produced by CartoonSmart.

    I downloaded it and watched it with great interest. Of course “free” is a wonderfully attractive word, especially when such high quality instructions are so.

    Also of great interest was your comments of comparison and your obvious disenchantment with the direction that Flash has taken in regard to animation.

    I have learned a lot from your tutorials over the years and am looking forward to what you do with Toon Boom Animate.

    But why are you reviewing Animate rather than Toon Boom Studio or Toon Boom Digital Pro? According to the toon Boom website, Animate has no text functionality so it really isn’t a complete animation package for such necessary things as title screens.

  2. Justin says:

    Yeah native text is an interesting thing to leave out of Animate, but I guess they just assume you’ll bring that in as non-editable vectors if you need to do a title screen. The thing I’m most loving about Animate is that the program is really intended for serious character animators and illustrators, so maybe the developers just figured they didn’t need to get bogged down in much else. Or maybe they’re just saving that feature for version 2. Animate was just released by the way.

  3. banjobilly says:

    Anyway, I am a big fan of your work. I don’t buy every tutorial because some of them are over my head as far as Action Script and such. I am more interested in animation. I was glad to hear your comments on that BT Animate tutorial because it confirmed my own disenchantment with Flash animation features. So, whether your BT Animate tutorials are free or not, I am looking forward to more of them since they always offer not just instruction but insight.

  4. ageekfreak says:


    Great TUT. I just watched it and to be honest I was all that interested in toon boom animate until after watching this TUT. I thought that it was alright and had heard a little bit about it but this really got me interested because even just with the brush tool, it looks like there is some fun to be had. so off I go to get my free edition to play around with it for a bit. Keep it up!


  5. michelle says:

    Hi Justin I just wondered how you get that square icon on your brush tool. Thank You, I have learned so much from your tutorials. Also just out of interest what wacom tablet do you use?

    Thank You


  6. Hi, I think my Wacom tablet is relatively small. About the size of a piece of paper. I’ll have to refresh my own memory on that square icon, but it might just be from hitting a modifier key like Option or Command. =)

  7. kaggwa says:

    hi? am using toon boom for the first time. i find it fun en so intresting. its one way dreams can be fulfilled. i have projects i want to work on en i need a few people to work with, do you have any one willing to come on board? i need yo help coz i think yo the right guys to ask. thanks.

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