My Most Used Blambot Fonts

Just got an email asking where I get my fonts, and that shouldn’t be a secret. Most of the ones I use in logos come from , illustrated by the great Nate Piekos (proof of illustration greatness here).  The ones I use most are below…

Click the pic to land on Blambot’s Super Scroller-ific Page o’ Fonts. Most of the ones above are in the Design or Sound FX columns, and many of them are 100% FREE!!   And those that are not, are well worth the price. 

Once you install them, notice that they have “BB” in the font name. At least here on the Mac, using FontBook (a font library program) you can do a text search. So among my hundreds of other fonts, I like being able to just type BB in FontBook, and only pull up my Blambot fonts. 

Blambot also has some nice (and free) resource files for comic book/strip illustrators. Click the pic below to hit up his Resources section, and download these two files full of useful vector art…

And non-Blam fonts you might see around CartoonSmart are Letteromatic, Artbrush Medium, and Kenyan Coffee.



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