Lazy Weekend Linking…

Here’s a week’s worth of internet-coolness that I dragged to my desktop for possible bloggery, and for the sake of cleaning up my workspace, here they all are at once….

Excellent CG of some people battling over something or other  (be sure to switch to the HD version). Before you get bored with it, and you probably will, skip to the last 5 seconds when for some reason Mickey Mouse shows up with a sword. 

WebUrbanist’s Top 10 Most Awesome Approaches to Photography: Nuff said. These are indeed awesome.

South Park College Course. Kewl. 

Some guy’s Deviant Art profile : Guess what? He likes drawing Asian women wearing very little, except their weapons. But he does it very well, and many of them look to be a mix of vector art and Photoshop shading.  Respek.

Elephant’s Dream The world’s first open movie, made only with open source graphics software (Blender being one of them) 

Finally,  Tyson Mangelsdorf’s excellent blog of family and art, aptly title Illustration Life. More pics like the  one below, after the jump (and per my copyright rant earlier this week, notice the non-art-disabling one Tyson uses.  ) 


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