Stranger Than Fiction – Title Sequence

Just got word back from one of my instructors that he is planning a tutorial based around the Stranger of Fiction title sequence. If you haven’t seen it yet, has it posted. Its extremely cool, setting up Will Ferrell’s retentive character by animating details around him as he gets ready for work…

UPDATE: That lesson is now here


4 thoughts on “Stranger Than Fiction – Title Sequence

  1. aagghh says:

    Really?? That would be great, is he going to incorporate Boujou as well? I’m actually getting ready to do a project really similar to that. 3D text in Maya , 3D motion tracked in Boujou and then composed with the video in After Effects. It’s nice to see you and your school taking it to the next level!

  2. Paul Anderson says:

    Is this still something that might happen? I already have a basic idea of how to do it via motion tracking, but there are a few things I’m curious about still. would love to see a breakdown.

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