Ouch, I wish I could draw like this…

Check out this beautiful illustration by Dave Pryor…

Dave Pryor Illustration




You can find more supremely polished (and unpolished) pics at his blog here  (he’s also got a book out too)

And here’s something really cool that Dave did for his niece…

Dave Pryor Art

She drew the creature on the left (obviously) and he super-dupped it for her. Looks like his drawing was done digitally, but if not, what an amazing gift to give a younger relative. Maybe frame both. I’m just starting to have nieces and nephews, and I’d totally do this for them one day if I could only collect enough magic art crystals to regain some of my lost off-computer drawing ability. And now that I think about it, when was the last time I drew anything really great on the computer? Sigh. I’m re-titling this blog post to something more pathetic.


One thought on “Ouch, I wish I could draw like this…

  1. Beautiful underwater illustration indeed. I am very curious about accomplishing bitmap results with vector drawing tools. Not that I’m saying that’s the case with this picture, but it would be cool if it was.

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