ToonBoom Animate: Our Second Totally Free Lesson!

The second free Toon Boom Animate lesson is finally ready. Sorry for the delay, my voice has been a bit raspy recently from a cold. If you missed my last Toon Boom Animate tutorial, its linked up here, but this lesson is fine to begin with too. I go over importing in artwork from a Flash .swf file. Which I know plenty of my longtime students have. Then most of the lesson talks about animating parts of a character, and the user-friendly methods of doing so in Animate.  And these techniques are what really made me realize this program was developed by people that knew what was lacking in other 2D animation programs. You’ll see why if you watch the lesson. Its 30 minutes, so lengthy enough to pack up in a zip file. Click the image below or here to download the zip. Or if you don’t want the zip file (which has some source files too), you can view the movie in the browser by clicking here.


Click above to download a zip of the tutorial

Click above to download a zip of the tutorial


16 thoughts on “ToonBoom Animate: Our Second Totally Free Lesson!

  1. hendersonse says:

    Hey Justin, I have Toon Boom Studio but haven’t used it much. What’s the difference between TBS & Animate & why should I use animate?

  2. Justin says:

    Hendersonse, I honestly can’t tell ya because I haven’t use Studio at all. But I know Animate is their latest animation software (and higher priced) so thats usually an indication of better-ness. Plus I noticed on the site, they have a Crossgrade pricing for Animate. Note, crossgrade, not upgrade, so I’m guessing that means Animate is different enough to not be considered the next version of Studio. Follow me?

  3. mandeep says:

    There is complete lack of tutorials , the creators of the software should create some tutorials to show what it can do. currently what i have understood is that it is not totaly possible to make , draw, paint each and everything completely in animate. So is it only to animate toon projects, and mostly is it only to import flash or photoshop files and animate, can someone tell link to any video 100% made in animate

  4. Hi Justin –
    Re: importing swf artwork in Toonboom Animate – I was wondering – does Animate also generate a color palette for imported artwork? And I presume that you can edit the palette (rename the colors etc) ?

  5. hey.
    i’m completely new to animate and i wonder how i works together with illustrator, photoshop and after effects.
    i’m used to do all of my characters and illustrations in illustrator and photoshop, and i’d like to import them into animate. (my HD is full of eps-characters … ) have you experienced any problems with adobe and animate? has anyone combined after effects and animate?
    thanks for any comment.


  6. Chilerkle says:

    May I suggest that there be a video tutorial going into depth on the IK feature of Toonboom Animate I still find Inverse Kinematics tool to be baffling.

  7. Iyke says:

    Hi Justin. Am a huge fan of your tutorials (CARTOON BODIES, WAVE ATTACK). Just bought wave attack from your site but got confused with the artwork stuff as am trying to create my own artwork. Wanted to ask if the artworks you used in wave attack and Iphone Peer-to-Peer game in Xcode and Cocos2d were rigged (in Flash or Toon Boom) before exporting for a file format like PNG to be used for Xcode and Cocos2d?

  8. Anything used in a game would have been exported as a png sequence than brought into Xcode. Whether or not it was rigged prior is just the choice of the animator. In the Wave Attack game, it was not. Thanks

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