Toon Boom Animate Discount Code

Good news for anyone thinking about getting Toon Boom Animate, here’s a promo code… ANIMATEAWN … valid until Feb 13, which will get the price down to $599.99 . Which I know is still a few bills, but the regular price is $999, so that’ll shave off quite a bit.

Also, I don’t like to drop promo codes unless I know the company is fine with them being out there, as in, its not a  secret code that someone needed to mail in the UPC’s off the back of 20 cereal boxes to get. So for proof that that promo is public knowledge, here’s a good article  (with the Toon Boom ad usually nearby)  about Disney returning to 2D, which is an interesting read although I wouldn’t consider this a big return. Uh, they stopped in 2004, and its 2009.  Did they have to unfreeze a bunch of animators with lost 2D knowledge? Speaking of the future, here’s how things will definitely look!…

Disney returns to 2D?

( I just like articles with pictures)

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