Lots of Free Lessons Added to CartoonSmart!

Its Inauguration Day, and in honor of cleaning house, I’ve updated quite a few things on CartoonSmart today. 

First off, the index of free flash tutorials has a much longer, drawing tutorial (and features some artwork from an upcoming mystery project I’m working on) 

Next change, that same page also has two links to download what I’ve called Animation Basics 1 and Animation Basics 2.  If you read this blog regularly, you probably don’t need to download either. The first course is yet another retelling of the age-old story of motion tweening and shape tweening in Flash. Its just been updated to mention CS4 and differences with past versions of Flash.  The second course is just a zip file which contains the 3 free CS4 animation tutorials that were previously linked up here on the blog (IK in CS4, Motion Tweening in CS4, and 3D in CS4). 

Now the more exciting stuff. I’ve added 3 more demo courses. These zips have the first hour or so of their pay versions. You’ll find there the recent Actionscript 3 Block Drop game (which looks strangely like Tetris), our first After Effects tutorial (the Arrivals Board project)…


The first hour of an unreleased tutorial on Flex Builder. The course is incredibly cool! Flex is like if you mashed up Dreamweaver and Flash to make swfs. The great thing is if you know some Flash and Dreamweaver already, this program will feel very familiar. And if you’re already writing Actionscript 3, then the coding part will be a  breeze too…. Uh so why learn Flex if you already use Flash? Well thats covered in the demo lesson  Go check it out. Hour 1 is FREE!!! And later this week, we’ll release the next 4 hours.

Free Flex Tutorial


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