That Flex Builder tutorial is finally available!!!

Youch. I think I said this lesson would be available sometime last week. Anytime I announce my intentions like that, just add on another week. 

ANYWAY. So yes! The Flex Builder 3 tutorial is here.  So lets talk about it. Casually, please, because yesterday I had to write all the nerdy sales page stuff about it, and that drives me crazy. Lets start here…

Flex Builder is AWESOME.  Its like a cross between Dreamweaver and all the components in Flash (but with a lot more components). Take a look…

Out of the box Flex Builder Components


So what’s Flex Builder do?  Well it creates .swf files, which is the same file Flash has been publishing to since the very beginning. But Flex Builder will also create desktop applications (for Adobe AIR) and mobile phone apps. Wait, Flash CS4 does that too. Okay, I can’t really say Flex Builder can publish a lot more than Flash can, but the way you build files is certainly different.   The general consensus seems to be that designers favor Flash, and software developers favor Flex. Which is probably true most of the time, but from watching this tutorial ( and playing around on my own) I really like how Flex Builder lays out / organizes / builds content. Again, to compare it to Dreamweaver, there’s definitely similarities. You can flip between Design / Source (Code) modes. So if you’re just dropping content onto the stage in Design mode, you can switch over to your Source code and see the changes you’re making to the MXML document there.  And the icing on the cake, Flex Builder also uses Actionscript 3, just like Flash CS3/ CS4.  So for all my past students that have been learning AS3, it all applies here as well. 

And ya ready for the not-so-hard sell. Flex Developers are in high demand right now. Last week two of my web-dev buddies from college emailed me asking if I knew where to find any Flex developers. I hadn’t talked to either of these guys in a long time, so neither of them knew I was even prepping a Flex lesson. And based on emails from students asking for Flex lessons, that usually means there’s a reason why. 

Anyways, if you’re on the CartoonSmart newsletter list (and reading this within the next month or so) you should already have an email with links to the discount page for this lesson. If not, please sign up here, and you’ll get an email right away with links.


6 thoughts on “That Flex Builder tutorial is finally available!!!

  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with in Flex. I have been developing RIAs in it for almost 2 years now but have not had time to do anything “cool” 🙂
    Most like to see? Flash and Flex together, Flash/AS3 animation in Flex o really bring an interactive experience to life.

    Keep up the great work Justin!

  2. maramotus says:

    Looks interesting… BUT i can’t download the demo without the download grinding to a halt half way through. It’s definitely not my internet connection – I think you need to get a better server!

    If I didn’t have doubts that I could download the files then I’d probably buy. Is the server normally like this?

  3. hosts the pay files. And the server is a dedicated 1and1 server, about 5 hundy a month. Since I’ve never once heard from someone having trouble downloading the free files, I’d look into local issues. Especially if you’re getting cut off half way through each time. Sounds like a space issue.

  4. maramotus says:

    I did manage to download the demo after lots of tries. It could be a problem my end, I’ll try again elsewhere and see – but I am on a uni connection which is fibre (and I have space – it could have been that yes). The download stops at random points though so looks like a network issue.

    Anyway, the download when you pay for it works without problems. I’ll take a look at the files this weekend. Thanks!

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