Haunted Mansion Art by Shag

Next time someone says “Are you familiar with Shag?”, you can smartly reply  “the rug or the artist?”

Up until I started blogging and actively searching out artists to mention here, I hadn’t heard of JoSH AGle, but this guy keeps popping up, so its time to bring a few others into the know.  I like this guy’s paintings a lot, they look like vector art, so heck, what’s not to like? Take a look at one of his pieces that wasn’t asked for by Disney …

Tree Feller by Josh Agle

Its hip and sad. You love it too right? Say you do or else! 

Anyway, my most recent encounter with his work was from this posting at TikiTalk.com . The Haunted Mansion is coming up on 40 years old. Hard to believe that creepy head in the crystal ball has been chanting for that long now. So someone very cool at Disney thought to get Shag to do some artwork to celebrate the occasion. The link above has more, but here’s some of my favs…

Shag Haunted Mansion Art



Shag Haunted Mansion Art


Shag Haunted Mansion Art


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