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A few weeks ago Rob Howard (not the deceased creator of Conan) contacted me about starting a blog aimed at helping freelance artists, and he’s certainly made good on that. He’s off to a great start at by doing daily posts since he began, and thats not easy.  Beginning a blog is simple, sites like WordPress (which Rob and I use) and Blogger have made it a no-brainer. But actually maintaining a blog is tough. Or at least a daily blog.  

So I want to get some traffic over to ( but skip past that first article about CartoonSmart, you all already know about that site =)   Rob is working on a really well-intentioned resource for freelancers, and to commit all the time it takes to write daily articles, it helps to know some people are actually reading those. When Rob emailed me a few weeks ago, he mentioned he wanted to do this because people are hurtin’ out there. Times are tough. So its important to have sites to go to that emphasize solutions and positive coaching to get over this hump.  And on that note, please read my next article on local Google Advertising…

Conan the Recessed

Conan the Recessed


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