Movie Website Designs: Examples And Current Practices

Smashing posted this excellent article on Movie Website Designs.  Aside from the common practices that are inherently movie related (like  showtimes) I think their list can apply to a lot of different clients / websites. Take a look at their list of 12 things common to movie sites and see if you think you could pitch possible clients on including most of these in their site…

  1. Flash
  2. Large Background Images
  3. Video/Trailers
  4. Show Times and Ticket Info  Switch to Upcoming Events or Appearances.
  5. Splash Pages
  6. Display of Nominations and Awards
  7. Short Page Length
  8. Not Always On Company Domain
  9. Social Networking /Media Interaction
  11. Fun Extras
  12. Widgets

That list might give you some good suggestions the next time a client asks “er, well, what do you think we should put on the website?”  

And be sure to read their full article, because they have more to say about each practice.


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