Who doesn’t like Flash sites WITH NINJAS?!

Cuz here’s one to check out, TwelveFootNinja.com  Click among the links at the footer, and you’ll notice that the transitions are really well done. Thats not the hardest thing to do in Flash, but its not the easiest either. You’d usually do it by shoving a bunch of content into one movieclip and then scriptably (scriptively, scriptingly?) tweening that symbol. I taught it in this flash web design AS2 course, although what I like most about how the designer of TwelveFootNinja did it , is that they choose to tween at diagonal angles instead of just moving only across the x axis or only up or down the y. So it gives you the feeling that the site is moving more, and works well with the stealthy ninja theme.

Twelve Foot Ninja

And for due credit, the site was designed by FTW.  I’d love to hear some comments on what people thing of the yellow scroller on the bottom. Its a pretty key part of navigating their portfolio, but also subtle, to the point of being almost un-noticeable. When I design something tricky like that I think about whether or not my parents would “get it”. I can put this to the test soon since I’m visiting them shortly, but my hunch is that neither would see that FTW had more than one portfolio piece. Then again do people in their late-fifties deserve the same navigation practices as us younger folk? =) 



2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t like Flash sites WITH NINJAS?!

  1. TFN Rocks!

    Yeah, in hindsight I’m not a fan of the horizontal scroller either. Although it’s only a temporary site until the new one is launched 😉

  2. Justin says:

    Drop a line when the new site is launched, I’d love to feature it here. You guys at FlashMusicWebsites are doing really terrific work!

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