My boyz at announced rockin new affiliate payouts. Payloadz does our cart and the file-delivery magic after you purchase a CartoonSmart tutorial. Here’s some details from them….

The payouts are now: 
– $5 for each new account referred
– 20% for each premium account referred, recurring
– 10% for each account referred from a reseller you referred- two tiers!
– $0.25 for each click sent from your link

If you referred a premium user to a $15 per month plan, you get $0.25 for the click, $5 for the initial free account upgrade, and $3 each month that person is a premium user. Earn even more when you recruit additional resellers. Make money off of their referrals. 
I can also provide you with custom payout rates- just give me some background and we will see what we can do. Some resellers are making $10 per free account and 50% revenue share.

Me again. So even if you don’t have an e-product that you need post-purchase file delivery for, you should consider checking out Payloadz just to sign up for the affiliate program. Anyone like money??


2 thoughts on “Payloadz!…

  1. For me, about every month or couple weeks for a payout. There’s no limit. Its just about how many referrals you send them.

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