This week at CartoonSmart

So its late Friday night, actually Saturday at 4am, but I prefer believing its still a Friday, and I’m wondering what I did this week. And partially to remind myself that I did something, and partially to embarrass myself into doing more next week, I’m going to sum up below…

1.  Answered a lot of email. Any site that sells anything has customer service to handle. So that department is yours truly. 

2. Wrestled for almost an entire day with making the newsletter discounts open to the public. For those who don’t know, new tutorials are always discounted on the site (never old lessons though), but previously you had to sign up for the newsletter. Which is free anyway, so its not like the newsletter discounts were ever that secret. So I decided this week, why make people go the extra step to getting something cheaper. So Ta-Da, here’s the fruits of that debate. Ze Official CartoonSmart Discount Page.

A couple major factors led to this minor decision. The economy sucks, so I want people to catch a break. Also I use for my newsletter send outs, and I noticed I’m right under the 25k mark for subscribers. And if I go over that much, then it would be an extra $1200 a year. Not worth it. So now there’s less incentive to sign up for the newsletter, hence less subscribers. And although I still want people to sign up, I feel like I’ll be weeding about people that aren’t that into it. 

3. Signed up with . Not for CartoonSmart actually, but for . This probably should have taken me 20 minutes to sign up and place those available ad blocks, but somehow it took 4 or 5 hours of monkeying around with CSS and eh, just going down some weird paths. But I’ll be interested to see if (A) I sell any ads. (B) Who the advertiser is.

4. Monkeyed around in my Adwords account. Pulled some levers and switches. I’ll either notice the results or will forget I changed anything at all. 

5. Posted stuff here on this blog. 

6. Finished watching a new CartoonSmart tutorial. Another one not taught by me, but for good reason. I thought I knew Photoshop fairly well. I’ve been using it since college, which was like 1996 (in only a few years you can legally smoke and have been born when I was in college). But obviously I know next-to-nothing about Photoshop. So I got SCHHOOOOLED hard this week, watching Humburto “Burt” Abreu’s lesson he made for the site. Which I’m launching next by the way. I’ll do a real write up then, but if you’re curious, the focus is mostly on brush and texture techniques, but of course as with any project-based lesson there’s some fun meandering. Here’s a pic…

Upcoming CartoonSmart Photoshop Tutorial

7. Added tons of people on Twitter that added me but I’d forgotten to Follow them back. Its rude not to right? 

8. Oh and this morning I had to waste time deleting TONS of posts from someone that private-messaged me in the forum, didn’t get a response, so decided to F-bomb me personally and F-bomb CartoonSmart in every f-ing possible way on the forum. And here’s the problem with the forum, and why I put off including one on the site for sooooo long. Years in fact. I’m not a big forum guy. I don’t visit other site’s forums regularly, and I know I should visit the CS one everyday, but sometimes I don’t. I’ve subscribed to a few categories, like the Actionscript 3 one, because I enjoy reading what people are having issues with. So I’ll get an email alert when something new shows up there, but thats not the case with every topic . More email scares me.  And the biggest thing I deal with everyday is item #1 on this list… customer service email.  And thats where I’ll be paying attention. Private messages via the forum are not the way to get in touch with me. Especially if the message is SO important that a non-response warrants dozens of F-U’s being posted around the forum. And if you’re curious, what was so important…

 i was wondering.. ,most of us has used the messenger and especially the msn messenger..and we know that this messenger offers some mini flash animation movies known as winks that can be sent to people,but the amazing thing about these winks is that all of’em don’t have a background…simply we see some moving and floating objects on the screen without the flash player window or even without anything….just the animation itself and nothing else
pleeeeeeeeeeease does anyone know how to produce similar thing??
how can we hide the flash player frame and the backgrounf of the movie and prevent it from appearingon the screen ?

First off, I’ve never used MSN messenger. So right there, I’m out of contention for properly answering this. Second, UNLESS Microsoft is WAAAYYYY cooler than I thought, I really doubt you can include mini-Flash movies in the messenger window. My guess is that you can include animated gifs. Anyone agree? 

In conclusion…

This is embarrassing looking back on the week, and now I’m going to work much harder next week… Maybe.


6 thoughts on “This week at CartoonSmart

  1. I should clarify.. winks are Flash, but there are only a few of them and I am fairly certain you can’t use your own. And they all suck, and they’re all so simple that they COULD be animated gifs. So Microsoft isn’t way cooler than you thought.

  2. Justin says:

    Wild. Well iChat certainly doesn’t have any Flash emoticons. At least Microsoft has taken a small step forward there.

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